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Do you price-match your competitors? Our Low Price Guarantee.

Yes, we do. Before the I Do's guarantees your lowest price with our 111% Price Protection Program.

We know how much work and time planning a wedding takes. It is hard enough finding the perfect accessories and favors, let alone worrying about whether or not you have found the lowest price. We guarantee our prices are the lowest by offering a 111% Price Protection program. If you find an identical item before your purchase, you will be entitled to our 111% Price Protection program.

Here is how our program works:

To qualify for this program, the item you find must be identical to ours - the exact color, packaging, manufacturer, etc. The competitor's price you quote must be verifiable through the Internet or a printed advertisement/catalog. The competitor's advertisement/catalog must be up-to-date, and the item(s) being price-matched must be in stock. Under no circumstances will we offer this program for items, which are not authentic to the manufacturer. In other words, "knock-off" or imitation items will not qualify for this program.

Please also note - auctioned items on ebay or other online auction sites do not qualify for this program. In addition, we regret that we are unable to offer a price-match with businesses that are liquidating, closing down or in distress. Program applies only to businesses in the United States.

When you request a price-match, the price is based on the lowest price of the actual item including shipping and handling.

An example of how our 111% Price Protection program works:

Before the I Do's Price with Shipping & Handling: $49.99

Competitor's Price with Shipping & Handling: $43.00

Difference: $6.99

Additional 11% Discount: $0.77

Your Total Refund: $7.76

We will refund you the difference between our price and our competitor's price. Then, we will also refund an additional 11% of the price difference.

Adjustments in price are limited to one price match per item within the 14-day period. If the price-match includes a "One-Time" or "New Customer" promotion or coupon code, we will deem this information/price as non-verifiable and will be unable to issue any type of refund.

Before the I Do's reserves the right to refuse any price match on any item that does not meet the above mentioned criteria of our 111% Price Protection program.