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Top 10 Things Brides Forget on Their Wedding Day

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{Photo via: Kelsey Kay of Ken Kienow Wedding Photography}

The Huffington Post recently asked wedding planner Valerie Gernauser of Sapphire Events, to share the most common things brides forget to do on their wedding day. Take a lesson {and make a list!} so you can avoid these wedding day uh-oh's!

#1. The Marriage License. Check with your state for their regulations on issuing a marriage license well before the big day. Some states require a waiting period and others a blood test before issuing this essential piece of paper. You will need to bring this to the ceremony so you and your new spouse can sign it afterward.

#2. Vendor Meals. When you give your caterer the final headcount for your reception, be sure to include your vendors, for example, your DJ, band, wedding planner, photographer and any of their assistants who will be working at your wedding. You will normally be charged half price for their meals.

#3. A Wedding Invitation. A picture of your wedding invitation is a nice memory to add to your photo album. Be sure to bring a copy of the invitation so that your photographer can take a picture of it.

#4. Phone and Charger. Whether you are taking and uploading photos, using your phone playlist for some of the music, or just want to stay on top of where everyone is and who is doing what, make sure you bring your charged phone with you, and your charger, just in case your battery gets low. You’ll be bringing it along on your honeymoon, too, so this is one essential you want to be sure to have with you.

#5. Passport and Identification. If you are leaving for your honeymoon right after the reception, make sure you both have your passports and any other travel documents packed and ready to go.

You can save yourself time (and worry) by taking care of the next items either a day or two before the ceremony, or by delegating them to a trustworthy friend or family member.

#6. Favors. Favors for your guests are not required, but if you do have them, make sure that you deliver them to your venue the day before your wedding, or put someone else in charge of that task if the favors need to be delivered fresh that day.

#7. Cake Knife, Toasting Flutes, Ceremony Items. If you are using a special knife, champagne glasses, or ceremony items like a Unity Candle, deliver them to their appropriate sites the day before or have someone else bring them on the day of.

#8. Programs. If you have programs that list the wedding party and give guests a rundown of the ceremony, assign someone to bring them to the venue and ask your groomsmen to make sure that everyone gets a copy

#9. Guestbook and Pens. Your guestbook will need to be at your reception site before you arrive. You should also assign someone the task of taking it home with them at the end of the day so you can look it over and remember your happy day when you return from your honeymoon.

And last, but most important:

#10. Enjoy every minute! Your wedding day will be one of the fastest of your life. Months of planning are over in the blink of an eye. If you forget any of the above, don’t sweat it. Dance, laugh, listen to the music, taste the cake and take a few minutes to look at all the happy faces surrounding you.