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Three Essential Things to Let Go and Let Your Bridesmaids Choose

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Okay, Brides-to-Be. You've waded through all of your loved ones and friends and have chosen the absolute perfect ladies to stand next to you as your bridesmaids on your big day. You can choose the color of their dresses, the color of their shoes, and even their accessories, but there are three things that you should really, really, REALLY let them choose if you can find it in your heart. Trust us on this ... they will be more comfortable, will smile brighter, and will be in an all-around better place to support you on your big day. Here we go:

1. The style of their dresses.
Pick the color and set some basic rules around the style, i.e. no prom gowns, no "hoochie-mama" club gear, and for the love of God, no fringe. But forcing everyone to wear the same exact style dress when no two people are built the same can be tough. Consider letting them choose their own (with your approval, of course) so that everyone is comfortable (and the pictures look great!) on your big day.

2. The style of their shoes.
Much like dresses, no two people's feet (or tolerance for stilettos, for example) are the same. Some women blister just looking at a pair of heels. Other women feel frumpy in flats. As with dresses, try setting some basic guidelines and letting them try to find something in the color that you've selected that they'll be comfortable in. You'll thank us when no one rolls an ankle on the way down the aisle!

3. Their hair.
Again. No two people (or foreheads!) are alike. A wispy updo might work for one of your bridesmaids while making the other look, well, severe. Like your bridal hair, a bridesmaid's hair is crucial to them looking and feeling good for your big day. Let them work with the stylist to find something that they are comfortable with. At the end of the day, it'll be less stress on your plate, and you'll have a very happy and beautiful bridal party by your side!